Close Encounter

Close Encounter

Close Encounter


Your names:
Adam Dawson and Chris Smith

Your team name:
Close Encounter (see what we did there?!)

Combined age:

What makes your team special?
As relative novices we are keen to learn from the more experienced rallyers, so what we did was got a really fast car and then followed people a lot! Seriously however, Chris and I were at school together, we know each other really well, know what each others strengths and weaknesses are and can get along without it ending in tears (btw it was Chris’ design skills that built that paper concorde that won us the prize this year

How many times have you done the galleryrally?
Twice – but we are definitely up for more!

What made you want to take part?
Meeting new people (I am relatively new to Jersey), having fun, driving fast (well not too fast obviously!) and seeing some of France’s countryside

What was your highlight of 2012: St Tropez? 
There were a number of highlights, The Hotel in St Tropez, the two Bens swimming in the middle of the night, Driving up Mont Ventoux would be our top 3

What did you do to raise your fundraising target?
We used our corporate contact to get sponsorship and we also have people in the Close office doing various fundraising activities, dress downs, sponsored slimming etc!

What advise would you give to someone thinking of doing a galleryrally?
Do it! You will have great fun and meet some great people. Get organised early, the fundraising target is very achievable if you don’t leave it all to the last minute.

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