Equipe Pierre Noire

Equipe Pierre Noire

Equipe Pierre Noire


Your names:                                                                                  
Geoff  Blackstone (Driver), Chris Blackstone (Navigator)

Your team name:                                                                             
Equipe Pierre Noire

Combined age:                                                                                

What makes your team special?                                                       
Father and son “bonding”!

How many times have you done the galleryrally ?                                 

What made you want to take part?                                                  
We are both somewhat petrolheads and enjoy the treasure hunt nature of the rally visiting small towns and villages via mostly minor roads and discussing the days events with the other competitors over a bottle of wine and some rum.

What was your highlight of 2012: St Tropez?                                  
Watching all the demented cyclists in lycra struggling up Mont Ventoux as we zoomed past.

What did you do to raise your fundraising target?                              
Wrote charming letters to all friends and acquaintances

What advise would you give to someone thinking of doing a galleryrally?
Do it, do it, do it. Lots of fun, no worries!

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