Gallery Rally – Gallery Car report…Day 4

Gallery Rally – Gallery Car report…Day 4

Avignon to Monaco

Our final day of the rally was a scavenger hunt, all to play for as the top 5 teams were extremely close. We were required to pick up 12 items including a cricket ball (which may seems straightforward) bus ticket from Avignon, 3D Glasses, a picture of our team standing on a yacht, which had to be a printed copy, photo of a jukebox, a baby on board sign, a poster from a music concert, a peanut shell . Many items, little time, the game was on!….
Alan and I managed to find a baby on board sign, by default as we were driving down a beautiful road in Provence behind a car with the required sign, I found it quite difficult to capture the sign driving at speed around corners! Once we arrived in Monaco I set about finding some of the required items, I found a theatre opposite the Hotel and thought it would be quite straightforward to obtain 3D Glasses; little did I know that I would end up walking the length of Monaco and not get back with anything!

There was some amusement over the items returned, I was reliably informed that Suzie Ruffley and Emma Kennedy (Mona go-go) got slightly confused over the Peanut Shell and came back with a pistachio nut instead! There were some very interesting stories on how the teams managed to get their items but all the teams did really well using their initiative, which in turn changed the scoreboard quite significantly. Nigel Hall and David Hall – (Grey Matters) were the only team that came back with a cricket ball!

I was off on my own adventure at the same time. We all wanted to thank Chip and Heidi so much for all their efforts in organising such an amazing adventure, there is a huge amount of preparation to hold such an event, from organising the travel, hotels, the clues, taking a dry run of the whole route, games, and going ahead each day to ensure the clues were in place and the hotels were prepared. It is a mamouth task and they do with such ease and make it so enjoyable for us all. We did a ‘whip’ round to enable me to go out and buy some ‘gift’s I headed of f to buy goodies – Shopping in Monaco What fun!

A finale Dinner was held for us all on the final night at the Hotel Metropole, were there was a prize giving, fortunately everyone is a winner so even thought Alan and I came 2nd to last we got a prize! Congratulations to Garry Taylor and Mike Nolan who won the event, and very kindly gave their prize to Channel 103 to auction off to raise further funds for Jersey Hospice Care.
I would like to thank everyone for a fantastic event, Chip and Heidi Somers for their exceptional organisation, Richard and Joe the Marshalls who were always at hand to make sure we were heading in the right direction and to all the other teams for making it such an entertaining and enjoyable trip.

Most importantly we are raising money for Jersey Hospice Care, and the teams have raised a huge amount of money for this charity and we will continue to do so.

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