Gallery Rally 2011; Gallery car report, Day 3.

Gallery Rally 2011; Gallery car report, Day 3.

Clue Locations: Murol, Paulhaguet, Loudes, Ruoms, Pont St Esprit

Day 3 started off with a little ‘quiz’ to warm up the brain, we had to write as many Walt Disney Movies as possible in 5 minutes – suddenly the brain freezes over and all I can think of is Daffy Duck!

After our brain warm up, and a bit of map folding, we were given our set of clues to map out our days driving, Team Balderdash and ourselves were super confident and left the rest of the group still figuring out the clues and we set out on our way! unfortunately we went extra 80 miles because we got the first destination wrong, however, we had the most amazing drive to Riom es Montagnes! We had a very quick coffee and drove back up to Murol where we were meant to be!!
Today was all about ‘the loo’! When we finally got the opportunity to go to ‘the little girls room’ it was actually the clue we required (Not the best loo in France!) But we found the clue!

For many of our fellow rally competitors today was like an episode of ‘Wife Swap’/’Car Swap’! Nigel Elliot and Stephen Warnes in the Ferrari 355 very kindly invited Neil Ginnis and Jenson Nixon to drive their car for the day. I think that this was the most amazing gesture and the two boys were just so excited. They both said that this was an opportunity of a life time and one they will never forget.

David Hall and Nigel Hurst in the BMW M3 EVO also had a ‘wife swap ‘with Simon Webster and Graham in the Audi R8. Graham and David drove the Audi R8, David was highly excited about going in the R8 (Or maybe having an afternoon away from Nigel I am not sure!!) Whilst Simon and Nigel had an afternoon together in the BMW M3 EVO, I am sure Simon enjoyed this and appreciated his car even more by the end of the day!!
The driving today was fantastic, a day filled with Gorges and lovely windy roads, Alan and I also managed to master the clues today (with a little help from our friends!)

Today I got the opportunity to take some video footage, we had a most enjoyable drive behind a Citreon Bread van, that took corners sideways, possibly the most incrediable driving we have come across and I am looking forward to downloading this onto Youtube! I think Jeremy Clarkson would interested on how the car handled the roads!

Everyone had rather a long day – however once again a great supper to finish the day relaying the tales of the day and great banter between the teams.

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