The galleryrally is an excuse for you and a friend to take part in a four day treasure hunt around Europe. Think of it as a cross between the gumball rally and the telegraph crossword with a bit of Blue Peter thrown in. 

We set the course and the clues and you crack them and follow them to beautiful destinations set by our cluemaster. You’ll find yourself wandering through villages and chateaus in search of cryptic clues and hitting beautiful stretches of open road across France. 

The evenings are yours to kick back and enjoy in quirky hotels following a (usually lively) dinner with your other ralliers. With 4 clues a day and roughly 60 miles between clues, each day will take you through 250 miles of French countryside. The last night we meet for a gala dinner in our destination city and award some prizes….This year we’ll be doing it amidst the bright lights of Paris. We look forward to seeing you there!

Traditionally in the summer, the event takes place in September for four days of European action. On the first evening participants and their vehicles go under our starters’ arch and head for the boat to St Malo. Once you board your four-day treasure hunt begins, finishing in splendour in the glamour of our destination city for a gala dinner.

What will we be doing?
Each day, competitors will be given a sheet of cryptic clues that they must solve to find out where they are going next. They will also need to find some piece of information in each location before they can move on to the next destination.  All the contestants meet up each evening in a designated hotel for dinner and a chance to swap stories and adventures over good food and wine.

What it costs.
Each participant is required to pay £800 to cover the cost of the trip (this includes ferry, accommodation, breakfasts and evening meals). £500 (£250 each) secures your place and the remainder must be paid two months before departure. You will only need money for fuel, drinks and lunches. Some people just snack, others find fancy restaurants along the way. 

Raising your sponsorship
This is a charity event so get fundraising! A minimum contribution of £500 per car must be raised in sponsorship for our charitable causes.  We launch the event the month after the previous year ends so you have up to 11 months to fundraise (easy! a good cakesale should do it!).You can obviously raise more! Some fundraisers consistently go above and beyond this figure with one year’s fundraising prizewinners raising more than £10000. All funds raised are charitable donations as your entry fee covers the rest. We’ll be rewarding this year’s best fundraiser with something nice!

To the victors…..?
The ralleryrally is more about the taking part but winning is a reward in itself. In previous years winners returned their prizes but, never the less, our organiser provides a selection of wondrous tokens for our competitors; not only the winners but an award for the team that embraces the spirit of the rally and the best fundraisers.


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