Do I need a fast or expensive car?
No.  All you need is a car in a suitable condition to survive 2000 miles and a sense of adventure, as well as a sense of humour and a compass (or a sat nav..although they don’t always help!). Over the past three years we’ve had Aston Martins, Ferraris, camper vans and even a taxi! It’s about a sense of adventure and flexing whatever wheels you see fit…

What does it cost?
Rather than be exclusive, we try and make the rally open to lots of ralliers. The fee for each car entered is £1600 per two person team. That’s £800 per person for 4 nights accommodation that includes return ferry, the rally organisation, accommodation for two – dinner, bed and breakfast, with some wine thrown in (That’s for dinner, not breakfast. Although you could always sneak some down to breakfast if you’re feeling French…), a rally pack, an exclusive event t-shirt and a wonderful meal in our destination city.

When will I get back? How much time will I have to take off work?
The rally leaves on a Wednesday and arrives in our destination city on Saturday afternoon. We’d encourage you to perhaps add a day and stay in the city but some people do head straight back the following day to get back as early on Monday as possible. Others take their time driving back. If you want to stay, let us know when you sign up. We can have two return dates, so you can select the one that suits.

What is the accommodation like?
On the way down the hotels are of at least Novotel standard. In 2009 we stayed in one hotel that even had a  windmill attached! Rooms are shared with your driving partner so you can debrief on your day’s drive. The hotel on the last night is usually a little bit of luxury that we can relax in ahead of a gala dinner somewhere nice. Dust off your black tie if you’re feeling sharp and we’ll make a night of it….

What time do I have to get up?
We gather early on the day of departure for bacon rolls at the Albert Quay. All other days the rally starts at 9am sharp. What time it ends is up to you. Most people get back to the hotel at 5pm, but some contestants have been known to arrive much later, depending on their competitiveness!

How far do you drive each day?
Each leg of the rally is about 250 miles. As this is broken up by clues along the way you are unlikely to ever have to drive more than 60 miles in one go. You will be driving ‘off motorway’ and so will be driving along very quiet empty roads through gorgeous countryside.

What else do I need to do?
It is a good idea to have 5 star insurance cover in case your car breaks down. You will also need to get your car serviced prior to setting off.

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